Monday, May 10, 2010

SXSE Painting Awarded to Lucky Wedding Couple

Click image to enlarge.

This gem was done, on the spot, at the SXSE Festival and was won in a raffle we held by a colorful gentleman named "Grath". In a classy display of generosity, he graciously offered it up to a young couple as a wedding gift (they had been married on stage that night at the show). What a stand up guy! Grath, wherever you are; much appreciated!

South by Southend in Louisville KY

SXSE was a great event and we hope to attend next year. The acts were great and we got to meet some really cool ass folks. The attendees were great, showing up amidst a tornado watch, and we rocked all weekend to some fantastic music while supplying our twisted brand of artwork. We met the famously talented Jeff Gaither who was very cool. We swapped prints with him and talked shop. Special thanks goes out to Michelle and Wes who's hospitality is second to none.

Wes and myself with Mike Christopher AKA the Hare Krishna Zombie