Monday, March 29, 2010

Horror Hound Weekend

Wow! I can't say much more. What a great event and such cool folks met! I shared a table with Cutthroat studio and it couldn't have gone better. Thanks Drew and Erika for a great weekend. Check Drew's SFX work at .

It was my best experience so far at a con hands down. The funniest thing about the weekend was that they also had the VFW convention held in the same hotel. Needless to say, the vets were not happy.

It would have made a great movie: "Vets vs. Zombies"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

John Carter from Mars

Another fine story from my youth that I never got to read as a kid. I just heard that a movie is in the works or at least speculation is afoot so I decided to read the first volume and loved it. It's totally implausible but Burrough's descriptive narrative reminded me of the old Flash Gordon serials with Buster Crabb...

I had to draw it. Enjoy! Click the image to enlarge